Handmade in Sussex. It's a bit like alchemy!

I design and make fused glass jewellery and home decor item so that you can find that individual piece that:
* just makes your outfit
* is the perfect present for that certain someone​
* adds a special something to your newly designed room 

I am inspired by:
- light and colour; I love they way glass changes as you look at it from different angles
- nature and conservation; many of my pieces reflect nature and I will use them to promote conservation
- fun and personality; all my pieces are designed to enable you to find something that matches you and your sense of fun.


I love the process of making fused glass pieces, the sparkle you can get from dichroic glass and and mixing glass with other materials to make something from scratch. Each piece is unique and although you can ask me to make it again I can't guarantee that it will come out the same. That's what makes it exciting. There is an element of alchemy!

Based in East Sussex, every piece is cut by hand and then assembled. It then spends up to 16 hours in the kiln for the fusing process to happen. Some pieces may have to go into the kiln two or more times to get the final result.  

You can buy pieces through my Etsy shop, Or if you have something special in mind contact me and we can discuss what's possible. Why not make it personal? I can personalise pieces so that they make great gifts for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and more...


Simply go to my contact page or visit my events page


See the gallery for more images

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We would love to let you know where we are going to be out and about at fairs during the year. If you would like to find out more please send us your name and email using the form on the contact us page


Alternatively you can email us direct at berry@berrywinter.co.uk  

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